12 Principles of Animation

This Series is by Alan Becker. That’s the guy who did Animator vs Animation.

I can not stress the importance of the 12 Principles of animation enough. They are an animators tools. Take them away and an animator can not do his job. Learn them thoroughly, know the differing opinions, study and apply them. You will not regret it.

Here is some more links for the Principles of Animation

Of course always go back to the root if you want the best information. Read the Illusion of Life on the 12 Principles. Take note on HOW they discovered the principles. With that knowledge you can rediscover them and they will be more meaningful to you.

Here is an article from Animation Anomaly

The idea of this article is that animation students want to learn the program and not the theory behind animation. The 12 principles make the largest portion of that theory.

While I’m on the subject, here is something to think about. The principle of exaggeration is commonly understood as making an animation, busier, louder, faster, and bigger. This is true, but also consider if you make an animation subtler, quieter, slower, and smaller the idea you wish to communicate will be clearer.

That’s the key to exaggeration that it is clearer, this relates very well to staging. The 12 Principles are very interconnected.

Thanks for Reading, Happy Animating.


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